About Angel Bake

 Products under the Angel Bake  brand are products of Saena, LLC. based in Portland Oregon.   Our product offerings are tailored for grocery/retail and the food service industry.   All of our products can be  purchased from this site.   Wholesale pricing is available to businesses interested in purchasing our products.  Please contact us at info@saenafoods.com for more information.

We take pride in using highest quality ingredients available in the industry.  We work with local suppliers and manufacturers for all aspects of our product development, design and manufacturing.  We’ve done our best to use packaging that is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.



All About French Macaron

All about French Macarons:
Macarons first capture everybody’s attention with tantalizing colors.

Colorful Macarons can be anything from white, light pink, golden yellow, velvety brown to Tiffany blue, burgundy, sky blue, Green, violet, orange, fuchsia… Sky’s the limit.
The contrast between crisp shells and soft fillings make them the most perfect dessert to satisfy craving. Beside the stunning appearance and delicious taste, French Macarons are gluten free, providing those suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance with a treat they can consume without consequences.
Making French Macarons should be one of the easiest cookies to make yet it speaks its complexity since the most famous pastry chefs around the world can’t agree on how to combine the ingredients to get the perfect and marvelous French Macarons we all crave.

There are different method offered to make French Macaron which is based on the type of meringue ( French Meringue, Italian Meringue or Swiss Meringue) used as key element. Each method has its own complexity and yet no unified formula to lead to the perfect result.

It’s Macaron( mah-kah-rohn) not Macaroon(mah-kah-roon). French Macaron refers to the meringue based confection and its made with almond flour. The American Macaroon, refers to the cookies made with sweetened coconut flakes and almond paste.