French Macaron Mix Food Service Packaging

It’s in fashion, chic and you must have it on your Menu!  A new cost effective, surefire solution for baking French Macarons.

From marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, to corporate events, French Macarons are now the top seller dessert menu item and are highly sought after. Don’t miss out on a great revenue opportunity, add French Macarons to your menu!  And with our easy to follow streamlined process, it couldn’t get any easier!     Each box now contains 4 packs of our heavenly Swiss Buttercream mix.

Easy To Bake

Our French Macaron Mix Food Service bulk packaging contains 10 pre-measured bags of Meringue Mix + 10 appropriately sized Almond mix bags.  Just add water to Meringue mix, fold in the almond mix, pipe and bake!  After watching our five minute video and reading our FAQ, anyone with a little baking know-how can bake these sophisticated, delicate, tasty confections. 10 minutes prep time and 15 minutes bake time!  Who has time to waste on painstakingly weighing every item and separating egg whites?  Are the eggs too fresh? the right size?  Ah, the anxiety, the mess and the cleanup!  With Angel Bake French Macaron Mix, you get perfect results every time.

This mix readily accepts flavoring and color  adjustments to make a variety of taste & look profiles such as pistachio, green tea, rose, coco, raspberry, lemon, coffee, or lavender to name a few.  Bake with confidence and impress your customers with your own signature flavors!  You are only limited by your imagination.

We offer recipes and guidance for a variety of flavors and taste profiles.  We’ll gladly help you get started.  Contact us at

Exceptional Pricing For Bakeries and Caterers

We use the highest quality ingredients available in the industry to make a great tasting product and offer it at a competitive price.

Our French Macaron Mix Food Service product can be purchased in bulk from this site.  Wholesale pricing is available to businesses and for bulk purchases.  Please contact us at for more details.

You will profit by offering the Angel Bake French Macarons to your customers!

Additional Product Information

Our food service product contains 10 Meringue + 10 Almond Mix premeasured packets, yielding 600 shells.

We’ve minimized sugar content vs traditional recipes.  Taste tests preferred the lower sugar cookie vs store bought French imports.

Samples from every production run are tested by an independent lab to ensure product meets Gluten Free requirements.

Shelf life is two years from manufacturing date.  Baked product can be kept frozen for several months and refrigerated for several weeks.

This clean wholesome solution is 100% US sourced and US made!



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