Macaron Mix Carton

contains: 6  retail boxes

yield: 144 macarons

With our expertly formulated mix you are assured a great result.

Just add water, whip, pipe and bake.

Perfectly simple!

Swiss Buttercream Carton

contains: 15 bags of mix

yield: 75 cups of buttercream

Reliably great frosting is now yours.

Just add water & butter, whip, and spread.

Simply perfect!

Macarons—a coveted treat

Macarons can be anything you want them to be: pastel and delicately hued or bold and vibrantly colored. From natural white to pale pink to fashionable Tiffany blue to velvety brown or bold bright orange, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity and macaron colors.

French macarons are known for being a considerable challenge to bakers.  The slightest change in process, environment, or ingredient quality can lead to disastrous consequences.  Famous pastry chefs around the world can’t even agree on how to combine the ingredients to achieve a perfect macaron.  When working from scratch, perfection is truly elusive!

The sought-after traits of the perfect macaron are: a soft yet crisp shell, a chewy inside, a smooth and clear surface, and a well defined, straight skirt. That satisfying first bite which yields both an initial crunch and a welcoming inner chewiness cannot be denied.

Angel Bake’s French Macaron Mix provides all these traits and makes baking this sought-after treat a cinch. Instead of fretting over each batch from scratch, with Angel Bake you focus on how you’ll color, flavor, and fill the shells. The mix ensures the perfect macaron cookies; you decide the rest.


Buttercream makes the cake

What makes a cake special? A perfect creamy frosting.   Unfortunately, many bakeries opt to use sugary, chalky icing  products stored in plastic tubs. Why? Making fresh Swiss buttercream is too time consuming and prone to error. Making Swiss buttercream from scratch isn’t for the faint of heart—you make the meringue, whipping in butter on a steam bath while watching the temperature. If it gets too warm your meringue cooks and, too low, there’s a risk of food-borne illness!

Angel Bake challenged master chefs to find a simple and risk-free solution that tastes and performs just like the traditional recipe perfected in Europe. Angel Bake’s Swiss Buttercream Mix avoids all the hydrogenated oils,  stabilizers, starch, flavor enhancers, and  preservatives of ready-made frostings. The Angel Bake mix is easy to make and performs the same or better than conventional tub frosting while offering a creamy, delicious product to embellish your cake creation.

Why use a mix to bake macarons?

Why use a mix to bake macarons?

You run a bakery and you know what you are doing. You have a perfect recipe, you've mastered the art and you've got the touch. Then why use a baking mix to bake French macarons? In this post, we'll cover some of the reasons why you should safeguard your knowhow,...

Perfect French Macarons Made Easy with Angel Bake Mix

Perfect French Macarons Made Easy with Angel Bake Mix

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Sizing French Macaron Shells

Sizing French Macaron Shells

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