Helpful hints

  • Please watch this video
  • To make shells, measure water accurately using a measuring cup or a kitchen scale and make sure that water is not cooler than 122ºF.  Use a digital thermometer.   Place the thermometer in a kettle as it heats up, remove heat when it hits 122ºF.  Measure the amount needed and proceed as directed.
  •  To make shells, use a paddle attachment.  Do not use a whisk attachment.
  •  For buttercream, water temp must be hot: 160ºF.  Bring water to boil, remove from heat, measure, and whip with the “Meringue” mix.
  • Use a timer (your smartphone has one).
  • Larger shells take longer to bake and conversely small ones will take less time.
  • Make sure batter surface is dry to the touch before baking when using the oven “bake” settings.  Note different instructions between “bake” and “convection bake”.
  • Make cookies a day before serving, refrigerate and serve at room temp.  They will become glossy if you cover them with a plastic wrap.
  •  Use a thick silicone mat .   Heat is distributed evenly and with a bit of delay, which prevents cracking.

Is the product gluten free?

Yes.  Our factory maintains a gluten free process and production samples are tested by an independent lab.  We don’t have a gluten component in this product.  Consumers with gluten allergies must test for gluten content before consuming any of our products.  We cannot guarantee gluten content of this product once it leaves our factory.  Please see terms and conditions posted on this website.

What is meant by “stiff” peaks?

Meringue can be whipped to a soft, firm, or stiff consistency.  When soft, meringue barely holds its shape when whisk is lifted.  A firm peak holds its shape but its tail curls when whisk is held upwards.  Stiff meringue holds its shape and doesn’t curl when whisk is lifted.

Flavoring choices?

We recomend against using water or oil based flavoring.    In case of coffee/espresso oriented additives,  ensure total moisture isn’t more than the specified amount.  Best approach here is to add the flavoring to the water and measure.   Some chose to  only flavor the buttercream, which is much more forgiving.

What food coloring to use?

We recommend against using liquid or oil based food coloring as it adds unwanted moisture/oil to the macaron batter.  This changes the desired consistency and produces undesirable results.  We recommend using powdered food coloring for best results.

Why did my shells crack or mushroom?

Batter was too moist and the surface hadn’t dried enough to be baked in a conventional oven.  This will generally not happen with a convection type oven as the circulating air will quickly dry out the surface.

Product shelf-life?

The mix has a two-year shelf-life.  Macarons can be kept in a refrigerator for several weeks without changing taste and texture.  Cookies can be frozen for several months (with buttercream filling).  Make sure macarons are stored in an air tight container.

Can I bake multiple trays at once?


Glossy shells?

In order to get a glossy surface on your macarons, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate or freeze for a day after assembling.

Dairy free macarons

The shells are dairy free.  When making the buttercream filling use a dairy free butter.   Product nutrition label references butter added by the customer.