Wondering why should one buy Angel Bake French Macaron mix vs start with raw ingredients?  Here are a few reasons:

  • First and foremost, it is simply a matter of convenience. Get exactly what you need.
  • It is quick.  No need to spend time measuring and weighing ingredients.
  • Less waste, and no leftover material to keep around.
  • Clean, no mess approach.  Measuring sugar, almond flour, splitting egg whites is sure to be a messy undertaking and no value add.  With Angel Bake, you only need a little water and a mixer.
  • Lab verified Gluten Free process can be passed on to your guests or customers as such.
  • You receive the highest quality ingredients.  No cheap fillers, gums used in this product!
  • Bake with confidence.  Turn this into a joyful, fun experience with family and friends.
  • And don’t worry, we’ve dialed down on the sugar content as much as possible and we’ve steered clear of chemicals!  Just like you would.  So before you buy other brands, compare ingredients.