Angel Bake Powdered Food Coloring Kit.


Ultra intense professional grade food coloring set. Eight colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Black. Use sparingly as little goes a long way.  Try a very small pinch first before adding more.  Requires some water moisture for color to activate.  Doesn’t work with oils.  Keep away from children.  Use with caution when opening vials.  Product may stain. Keep in a dry, cool place.

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The Angel Bake powdered food coloring kit is exactly what you need to add color and character to your French Macarons.  The kit contains eight popular colors that can be combined to create just about any color imaginable.  Use this product wherever a dry powdered coloring is required.

The powdered food coloring requires moisture to release color into your application.  For French Macaron applications, it is best added when liquid flavoring is being added to the finished Meringue or can be added during the final stages of Meringue preparation (using moisture in the meringue).

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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in