Pure Bulgarian Rose Extract | Sugar-Free, Keto-Friendly, Vegan, Gluten-Free


Indulge in the exquisite flavor and aroma of our Angel Bake Bulgarian Rose Extract.  100% Rosa Damascena.  Handpicked and carefully distilled in the heart of Bulgaria’s Rose Valley, this 2-ounce bottle of pure delight is gluten-free, keto-friendly, and vegan. With no added sugar, propylene glycol, or imitation ingredients, it’s the epitome of natural elegance. A little goes a long way, making it perfect for enhancing a wide range of culinary creations. Elevate your dishes with the essence of Bulgarian roses and experience the magic of Angel Bake Rose Extract.

Pure Bulgarian Rose Extract

Discover the timeless allure of Bulgaria's Rose Valley captured in every drop of our Angel Bake Bulgarian Rose Extract. This enchanting elixir, carefully distilled from the delicate petals of Rosa Damascena, embodies the rich cultural heritage and natural splendor of this renowned region.

Aroma and Flavor: The aroma is an intoxicating blend of floral notes that evoke the essence of blooming rose gardens in the Bulgarian countryside. The flavor is a harmonious balance of sweet and slightly citrusy tones, with a subtle hint of spice that adds depth and complexity.

Culinary Usages by Cuisines:

  • Bulgarian Cuisine: Embrace the heart of Bulgaria's culinary traditions by infusing Angel Bake Bulgarian Rose Extract into dishes like baklava and traditional rose jam. It's a key ingredient in classic Bulgarian rose-scented desserts.
  • Middle Eastern Cuisine: Elevate your Middle Eastern dishes with a touch of luxury. Add a few drops to your rosewater, rice pudding, or rosewater-scented baklava for an authentic twist.
  • French Cuisine: Impress your guests with rose-scented macarons, crepes, or crème brûlée, and let the aromatic charm of Bulgaria take center stage.
  • Indian Cuisine: Enhance your Indian sweets and drinks, such as gulab jamun and rose lassi, with the enchanting aroma of Bulgarian roses.
  • Baking: Elevate your baking creations, from cakes and cookies to frosting and icing, with the exquisite flavor of this rose extract.

Key Features:

  • Origin: Crafted with care in Bulgaria's renowned Rose Valley, known for its exceptional roses.
  • Quality: Our rose extract is high-concentrated, ensuring a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Dietary Benefits: Gluten-free, keto-friendly, and vegan, it suits various dietary preferences and restrictions.
  • Purity: No added sugar, propylene glycol, or imitation ingredients—only pure rose essence.
  • Versatility: From desserts to savory dishes, our Bulgarian Rose Extract is your secret ingredient for culinary excellence.

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Weight 5 oz
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2 oz, 2 oz Kit, Gallon