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From crafting exquisite desserts to innovating signature beverages, Saëna Baking Co. offers products that imbue your creations with authentic, distinctive qualities. Elevate your culinary experience with us.


Fans of home baking love Angel Bake mixes, it is now a simple task to create your own macaron creations and delicious buttercream frosting. Our retail products simplify the baking of pro-level treats while maintaining traditional taste and ingredients.


At Angel Bake, we take pride in using the highest quality ingredients in the industry. Our products are gluten-free, non-GMO, and contain no chemical preservatives. Angel Bake has carefully fine-tuned both ingredients and process to ensure your success.


Pure extract sets

Angel Bake Macaron Baking Mat

silicone baking mats

Angel Bake Macaron Baking Mat

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Mastering the Art of Flavor with Angel Bake Pure Extracts

Mastering the Art of Flavor with Angel Bake Pure Extracts

At Saëna Baking Co., we understand that the secret to culinary excellence lies in the details – specifically, in the flavors you infuse into your creations. Our Angel Bake pure extracts offer a natural, unadulterated way to infuse authentic flavors and aromas into...