These meringue cookies will make any dessert table just stunning.  The recipe is simple. You’ll need a box of Angel Bake Swiss Buttercream Mix, food coloring and flavoring. See a few suggestions below.

  • Add 80 grams of sugar to the mix.
  • Add 3 OZ hot water.
  • Whip until Meringue is stiff.
  • Separate into three equal parts.
  • Add flavoring/extract, nuts, dried fruit bits, zest, food coloring of your choice.  Fold until mix and color is incorporated to your liking. 
  • Scoop onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Use two spoons. 
  • Bake at 300 degrees for 30 mins, turn oven off and leave in the oven for 2 hours before removing.
  • Flavor ideas: lemon, rose, orange, lavender, coffee, espresso, raspberry, almond, chocolate, extracts or various liquors.
  • liquid flavoring and liquors can be whipped in at any time. Others, such as nuts are best folded into the meringue. If food coloring is added to the water cookie color will be consistent. If it is added after meringue is stiff, you can get swirls.