Blackberry Flavored French Macaron Recipe

Blackberry Flavored French Macaron Recipe

Blackberry Flavored French Macaron Recipe

To make Blackberry French Macaron Recipe, simply add a dash black food coloring and 1-2 drops of  Blackberry extract to the meringue.  Mix in almond meal.  Pipe and bake as usual.  Prepare yourself for an exceptional taste.

Detailed directions for Blackberry French Macaron Recipe:


A box of Angel Bake French Macaron Mix

Blackberry Extract-1-2 drops

Black Food Coloring– A dash

Set the oven on 300 Fahrenheit.  Prepare 3 baking trays lined with Silpat or parchment paper.
Place the meringue mix( small pouch) in a grease free bowl of a stand mixer.

Add 3 oz. of room temperature water and whip on high speed for approximately 5-6 minutes or until meringue is firm (NOT stiff).  Check meringue firmness at around 5 minutes.
Sift Almond mixture to remove clumps.  Add all at once to the meringue along with Blackberry extract and Black Food Coloring.
Mix on low speed using paddle attachment for 20 second.  Use a large flat spatula and fold by hand if you don’t have paddle attachment. The batter should form a lava like consistency and come off the spatula very slowly.
Place a Round Pastry Tip in disposable Pastry Bag, cut the tip. Place it in a tall plastic jar or a glass, fold over the edge. Pour the bather into the piping bag.
Pipe the batter in 1-1 1/4  inch circles.

Tap each tray on a hard surface a few times to remove any air bubbles and flatten the surface.

Let cookies rest for at least 20 minutes for surface to completely dry out. This will prevent cookies from cracking while backing.

Bake at 300 Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Let  the cookies cool down completely before garnishing with buttercream.

To make Blackberry Buttercream, Add a dash of Blackberry extract and Black Food coloring to basic buttercream. you can certainly add blackberry jam or preserve to your buttercream instead.



Blackberry French Macaron batter made with the Angel Bake French Macaron Mix.

Take a look at our video instruction for further information