Pure Flavored Honey with Saëna’s Angel Bake Pure Extracts

Pure Flavored Honey with Saëna’s Angel Bake Pure Extracts

We are thrilled to share some exciting news: a major honey manufacturer has recently selected our pure extracts to flavor their natural honey products. This partnership highlights the exceptional quality and versatility of our Angel Bake pure extracts, making them the perfect choice for enhancing the natural goodness of honey.

The Perfect Pairing: Honey and Pure Extracts

Short of placing beehives by lavender fields, pairing pure natural honey with Angel Bake pure extracts is as close to nature as you can get. Our 100% natural and pure extracts capture the essence of their botanical origins with unmatched authenticity. They stand out in the market for their exceptional intensity and aromatic depth, making them an ideal choice for honey manufacturers who prioritize natural quality and flavor.

Why Choose Saëna?

Our Angel Bake pure extracts are renowned for their:

  • Authenticity: Capturing the true essence of their botanical origins.
  • Intensity: Offering robust, concentrated flavors that shine through in every application.
  • Aromatic Depth: Providing a rich, sensory experience that enhances the natural flavor of honey.

These qualities make our extracts perfect for honey manufacturers looking to create products that are both delicious and true to nature.

Creating a 100% Natural Product

Combining our Angel Bake pure extracts with your natural honey results in a completely natural product. This synergy emphasizes a commitment to quality and natural ingredients, a significant appeal in today’s market where health consciousness is paramount. By choosing our extracts, you ensure that your honey products maintain their natural integrity while offering unique and delightful flavors.

Partnering with Saëna

At Saëna Baking Co., we value building lasting relationships and are dedicated to supporting our partners with top-tier products and services. Opting for Angel Bake pure extracts means choosing a partner committed to excellence in natural flavoring. We pride ourselves on delivering extracts that enhance your products, ensuring they stand out in a competitive market.

Join the ranks of satisfied partners who have discovered the unparalleled quality of Saëna’s Angel Bake pure extracts. Together, we can create honey products that are as natural and flavorful as nature intended.

Feel free to contact us at info@saenafoods.com to learn more.  We look forward to the possibility of working together to bring the best natural flavors to your honey products.

Chocolate Desserts with Saena’s Angel Bake Pure Extracts: A Flavorful Adventure

Chocolate Desserts with Saena’s Angel Bake Pure Extracts: A Flavorful Adventure


Chocolate, the beloved treat that has captivated taste buds for centuries, is a canvas waiting to be transformed into delightful masterpieces. Whether you’re an experienced pastry chef, an industrial manufacturer, or a passionate home baker, incorporating Saena’s Angel Bake Pure Extracts into your chocolate desserts will propel your creations to a whole new level.  In this blog, we will explore how our pure extracts, can be the secret ingredient that makes your chocolate-based desserts truly extraordinary.

The Magic of Saena’s Angel Bake Pure Extracts:

Saena’s Angel Bake Pure Extracts are concentrated essences derived from natural ingredients like vanilla beans, rose petals, citrus fruits, spices, and herbs. These pure extracts capture the authentic flavors and aromas of these ingredients, allowing you to infuse your chocolate desserts with a burst of natural goodness. However, it’s important to note that while these extracts can work wonders, there’s a crucial detail to keep in mind when using pure extracts with chocolate.

Alcohol-Based Extracts and Chocolate:

Alcohol-based extracts, such as vanilla extract and many others, can indeed be used to flavor chocolate-based desserts, but they must be added to chocolate mixtures rather than pure melted chocolate. The reason is simple: alcohol and chocolate don’t always play nicely together.  Chocolate is a delicate substance, and the introduction of liquid can cause it to seize. This is where the careful addition of alcohol-based extracts comes into play.

Here’s how to incorporate alcohol-based extracts into your chocolate desserts without causing a chocolate catastrophe:

  1. Add Extract to Other Ingredients:  consider adding extracts to other wet ingredients or to the base of your dessert, such as your cake batter, frosting, or ganache. This ensures that the extract is well-distributed.
  2. Use a Natural Emulsifier: In most cases, you can use a natural emulsifier like cream or milk to help incorporate the extract into the chocolate mixture more smoothly. This can prevent the chocolate from seizing.
  3. Avoid Direct Contact: If you absolutely must add the extract to melted chocolate, do so cautiously and sparingly. Use an eyedropper or a very small measuring spoon to add tiny amounts at a time, stirring gently and constantly to ensure even distribution.


Experimenting with Saena’s Angel Bake Pure Extracts in your chocolate desserts opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re aiming to create a classic chocolate chip cookie with a hint of vanilla, or a show-stopping chocolate cake infused with the zest of oranges, these pure extracts, brought to you by Saena, can be your secret weapon. Their natural, intense flavors can turn your chocolate-based creations into memorable experiences for your taste buds.

So, go ahead, explore the world of Saena’s Angel Bake Pure Extracts, and let your imagination run wild in the realm of chocolate desserts. Your culinary adventures are about to get even more delicious, as long as you remember the delicate dance between alcohol-based extracts and melted chocolate.

Mastering the Art of Flavor with Angel Bake Pure Extracts

Mastering the Art of Flavor with Angel Bake Pure Extracts

At Saëna Baking Co., we understand that the secret to culinary excellence lies in the details – specifically, in the flavors you infuse into your creations. Our Angel Bake pure extracts offer a natural, unadulterated way to infuse authentic flavors and aromas into your recipes. This blog will guide you through the best practices for using these extracts, ensuring that every drop adds a burst of natural goodness to your culinary creations.

1. The Golden Rule of Quantity When it comes to pure extracts, a little goes a long way. We recommend using about 3-5 drops of extract per cup of the food item. This measured approach allows the extract to subtly enhance your dish without overpowering it.

2. Crafting Flavorful Beverages For homemade sodas and similar beverages, 2-3 drops of extract per serving should suffice to add that perfect hint of flavor. It’s an easy way to create custom drinks that will delight your guests.

3. Syrup Infusions Enhance your syrups by adding 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Angel Bake pure extract per cup. Remember to add the extract to your syrup after it has cooled to room temperature for the best flavor retention.

4. The Final Touch with Spritzers A spritzer is an excellent tool for adding a mist of flavor and aroma to your dishes just before serving. It evenly distributes the extract, providing a delicate and sophisticated touch to your final presentation.

5. Timing is Everything in Baking During the baking process, flavors and aromas can diminish. To counteract this, add your Angel Bake extract towards the end of the preparation process. This ensures that the flavor remains vibrant and potent in your finished product.

6. Pairing with the Right Ingredients Experiment with pairing extracts with complementary flavors. For instance, vanilla extract pairs beautifully with chocolate and fruit-based dishes, while almond extract can elevate nutty or fruity desserts.

7. Storage for Longevity Store your extracts in a cool, dark place to maintain their quality and shelf life. Proper storage ensures that the extracts retain their potency and flavor profile for your next culinary adventure.

With Angel Bake pure extracts, the possibilities are limitless. They offer a quick, precise way to add depth and character to any recipe, from baked goods to beverages. At Saëna Baking Co., we’re proud to stand behind our products with a true flavor guarantee, ensuring that each bottle of Angel Bake extract brings nothing but the best of nature’s flavors to your kitchen. Embrace the ease and authenticity of flavoring with Angel Bake – where every drop counts in the journey to culinary perfection.

Understanding Alcohol used in Angel Bake Pure Extracts: Safety and Quality Explained

Understanding Alcohol used in Angel Bake Pure Extracts: Safety and Quality Explained

At Saëna Baking Co., we understand that some of our customers have concerns regarding the use of alcohol in our Angel Bake pure extracts. We’re committed to transparency and educating our customers about our products. This blog aims to address these concerns, explain the role of alcohol in our extracts, and provide peace of mind regarding its safety and quality.

The Role of Alcohol in Extracts

Alcohol is used as a carrier in our extracts to dissolve and preserve the plant based natural essences that provide our exceptional aroma and flavor. It’s a common and safe ingredient in food-grade extracts. Our recommended usage of 3-5 drops of extract per cup of recipe to be flavored.

Alcohol Content: Comparison

Let’s break down the numbers. With 3-5 drops of extract per cup, assuming each drop is about 0.05 ml, the total volume of alcohol used ranges from 0.15 ml to 0.25 ml per cup. Assuming zero evaporation, each cup of flavored food item would contain 142 – 237 parts per million of alcohol.  A light beer, with an alcohol content of about 4% by volume, contains approximately 40,000 parts per million (ppm) of alcohol when consumed fully. This is significantly higher than the estimated ppm of alcohol in a recipe using Angel Bake pure extracts.

Evaporation of Alcohol During Baking

Most importantly, it’s essential to understand that alcohol evaporates almost immediately during the baking process. When exposed to the heat of baking or cooking, the majority of the alcohol content dissipates, leaving behind only the desired flavors. This is a well-documented phenomenon in culinary science, ensuring that the final product contains negligible to no alcohol.  You’d be wise to compare the use of sherry in Chinese cousin or wine in French dishes. 

Alcohol-free Extracts

Traditional extracts, like vanilla or lemon extract, typically use alcohol as a solvent to extract flavors from their source ingredients. In alcohol-free extracts, other solvents like glycerin, propylene glycol, or water are used. Glycerin and propylene glycol are effective in extracting flavors and have a sweet taste, which sweetens and alters the overall taste and flavor profile of the product.  Alcohol acts as a preservative in traditional extracts, giving pure extracts a longer shelf life. Alcohol-free extracts, on the other hand, have a shorter shelf life and require refrigeration or special storage conditions to maintain their quality.

Safety and Quality Assurance

At Saëna Baking Co., the safety and satisfaction of our customers are our top priorities. Our Angel Bake pure extracts are designed to enhance your culinary creations without compromising on quality, health and safety. The use of alcohol is standard in pure extract production and is approved by food safety authorities.  


We hope this explanation alleviates any concerns about the use of alcohol in our Angel Bake pure extracts. Our goal is to provide high-quality, flavorful, and safe products. We invite our customers to continue enjoying the rich, natural flavors that our extracts bring to your favorite recipes, confident in the knowledge that they are using a product that is both safe and of the highest quality.

Embracing Pure Extracts for Health and Flavor

Embracing Pure Extracts for Health and Flavor

Embracing Pure Extracts for Health and Flavor

In a world of evolving coffee culture, the choices we make about what we put in our cup matter. While the allure of flavored syrups is undeniable, a paradigm shift towards healthier alternatives is underway. Enter pure extracts – a delightful revelation that not only enhances the taste of your brew but also prioritizes your well-being. Join us as we delve into the world of natural, pure ingredients, exploring the benefits of choosing extracts over sugary syrups, and discover why Angel Bake Pure Extracts stand out as a superb choice.

The Healthier Choice

It’s no secret that reducing added sugars in our diets has a myriad of health benefits. By opting for pure extracts, you can savor the flavor without compromising your health. Extracts provide a concentrated burst of taste without the excess calories or artificial additives found in many commercial syrups.

Natural Purity, Unparalleled Flavor

Made from real, natural ingredients, pure extracts offer an authentic and intense flavor profile that syrups simply can’t match. Angel Bake Pure Extracts, sourced from the finest ingredients, provide an unparalleled taste experience. With options like Vanilla, Almond, and the exquisite Bulgarian Rose, each drop is a testament to the essence of nature’s bounty.

Sweetening The Deal

While extracts impart flavor, the choice of sweetener complements and balances the taste. Opt for natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, or stevia to add a touch of sweetness without the artificial sugars found in many syrups. The result? A cup of coffee that’s not only delicious but also kind to your waistline and overall health.

Versatility Beyond Compare

Pure extracts are culinary chameleons, effortlessly adapting to a variety of beverages. From hot lattes to iced coffees, their versatility knows no bounds. The Angel Bake range offers extracts that cater to a multitude of preferences, ensuring there’s something for every discerning palate.

The Angel Bake Difference

When it comes to pure extracts, Angel Bake stands head and shoulders above the rest. Sourced from the finest ingredients, their commitment to quality and purity is evident in every bottle. With a range of delectable flavors, including the rare and luxurious Bulgarian Rose, Angel Bake Pure Extracts add a touch of elegance and flavor refinement to your daily brew.


In the pursuit of the perfect cup, choosing pure extracts over sugary syrups is a choice that redefines your coffee experience. Embrace the natural, savor the flavor, and prioritize your health. With Angel Bake Pure Extracts, you’re not just adding flavor; you’re elevating your daily ritual to a new level of indulgence.

Remember, every drop of Angel Bake Pure Extracts is a testament to the purity and essence of nature, making it the ideal choice for those who seek both flavor and well-being in their daily cup of coffee.