Benefits Of Using Extracts

Benefits Of Using Extracts

Extracts, are commonly used in baking to add concentrated flavors to recipes. Here are some situations where using an extract can be beneficial:

  1. Intense Flavor: Extracts are ideal when you want to infuse a strong and distinct flavor into your baked goods. Cardamom extract, for example, can provide a concentrated burst of cardamom flavor that might be difficult to achieve using whole cardamom pods or ground cardamom alone.
  2. Consistent Flavor: Extracts offer consistent flavor profiles from batch to batch, ensuring that your baked goods have the desired taste every time. This is especially useful when you’re aiming for a specific flavor balance or intensity in your recipes.
  3. Ease of Incorporation: Extracts are easy to incorporate into baking recipes since they are liquid. You can simply add them to the dough or batter, ensuring even flavor distribution throughout the mixture. This can be especially useful when dealing with delicate batters or doughs.
  4. Precision and Control: Using extracts gives you precise control over the amount of flavor you want to add. By adjusting the quantity of extract, you can achieve the desired taste without altering the texture or consistency of the baked goods.
  5. Time-Saving: Extracts can be a time-saving option compared to using whole spices or ingredients. Instead of grinding or crushing cardamom pods, using cardamom extract eliminates the need for this extra step, making the baking process more efficient.

When using extracts in baking, following the recommended quantities mentioned in the recipe or adjusting to taste is essential. Different extracts vary in strength, so be mindful of the potency of the specific extract you are using.  Angel Bake extracts are known for their purity and strength.  As many of our customers say, a little goes a long way!

Overall, extracts are a convenient and reliable option for incorporating intense and consistent flavors into your baked goods, including when you want to add the unique taste of cardamom to your recipes.

Making Of The Angel Bake Bulgarian Rose Extract

The Rose Valley, also known as the Valley of the Roses, is a region located in central Bulgaria, between the Balkan Mountains to the north and the Sredna Gora Mountains to the south. The Valley encompasses several towns and villages, including Kazanlak, Karlovo, Pavel Banya, and others, and it is renowned for its production of high-quality roses and rose oil. The region’s mild climate and fertile soil provide ideal conditions for growing Rosa Damascena, the species of rose used for the production of rose oil. Every year, at the beginning of June, the Rose Festival is held in Kazanlak to celebrate the rose harvest and the region’s rich cultural heritage. Flowers are handpicked and processed daily. It takes twenty kilos of rose petals to make one gram of rose oil we use to make the best rose extract in the world.

Introducing Lemon, Orange and Peppermint

Announcing the availability of our pure 5 fold lemon and orange extracts. Our pure peppermint extract is made of Oregon’s Willamette Valley grown peppermint. It is double rectified to remove any off notes and non peppermint components to produce a fresh minty flavor.

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Perfect French Macarons Made Easy with Angel Bake Mix

Perfect French Macarons Made Easy with Angel Bake Mix

Unlocking the Secrets to Perfect French Macarons with Angel Bake

Crafting impeccable French macarons has often been seen as a formidable, intricate, and somewhat chaotic task. The vast digital expanse is brimming with countless recipes and a wealth of advice on mastering the art of macaron baking. However, achieving that elusive success can often feel like chasing a mirage, with varied outcomes despite following identical steps meticulously—believe us, we’ve been there! It can be downright exasperating!

So, how should a quintessential macaron be? Crisp and fragile, or soft and chewy?

The Anatomy of an Angel Bake Macaron

In this piece, we unravel the anatomy of an Angel Bake macaron for you.

Collaborating with culinary maestros, we’ve concocted and refined a distinctive baking mix, demystifying the art of French macaron baking. A flawless macaron boasts a sleek, uncrusty surface, a soft and chewy heart, void of any hollows, adorned with well-defined feet, and a smooth shell. Following our uncomplicated baking guide ensures creations that epitomize these characteristics! Say goodbye to sifting, intricate folding, hot syrup, messy egg whites, remnants, meticulous measurements, and, above all, any secret techniques or hacks!

We’ve also curated a concise guide and video tutorial elucidating the ease of baking French Macarons using our Single Step French Macaron Baking Mix.

Anatomy of the Angel Bake French Macaron
The Anatomy of the Angel Bake French Macaron

Ready to Begin Your Macaron Journey?

Embark on your journey to craft impeccable macarons! For any queries or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at or drop a comment. We are here to assist you in every step of your macaron-baking adventure!

Are you excited to redefine your baking experience and delve into the world of effortless macaron baking? Visit to explore more about our revolutionary products and witness the magic of Angel Bake!

High Volume French Macaron Production

Question: How to cost-effectively implement a high volume French macaron production line while maintaining great product quality?

Pro bakers recognize that scaling a small operation isn’t always as straight forward as one would like. High volume manufacturing operations are built upon exacting, simple, repeatable procedures which aren’t reliant on personnel expertise and know-how. To maintain quality, much of the work is performed by machines, machines that are right for the job. When it comes to baking lots of macarons, consistent batter performance, and product look and feel are without saying very important.

We had learned of Bakon USA and their products years ago and wondered if we could do some experimentation with their one of a kind depositor- the Drop TT. Last week, we got a chance to try our Single Step French Macaron Mix with the Drop TT and below is a summary of half day’s worth of experimentation.

Angel Bake at Bakon
Getting ready to test high volume French macaron production at Bakon USA

The Drop TT is a tabletop depositor that can fill a large tray in about 20 seconds! And with its continuous automatic conveyor, all the user has to do is fill its tank with batter, select a program and push start! Feed it one tray after another and you’ll have thousands of shells piped in no time! So that is the theory…

Bakon USA Drop TT Depositor

The Drop TT has a 30 lbs bin and uses gravity and rotating screws to push the batter through six nozzles sitting below the bin. The size of macaron is determined by how long the screws are rotated. This is part of programming the machine, which also depends on the viscosity of the batter being pumped into the nozzles. For things to work consistently, the batter must have exactly the same characteristics every time. You can also program how many rows and the distance between the rows. We now need to make pounds of batter that is just right for this tech marvel.

Making 20-30 pounds of macaron batter using the traditional make-from-scratch approach would have taken us over an hour of measuring, sifting and folding. Using the Angel Bake single step macaron baking mix, we completed the job in 10 minutes with a pro Hobart mixer. The beauty of using a mix is that we have full control of moisture, mixer speed and mixing time and, as a result, we can deliver precisely the same batter every time! And as an added bonus, the kitchen was left squeaky clean. We didn’t have to crack any eggs (or keep a freezer full of egg whites) or sift and mix ponds of almond flour and sugar. Imagine having to make Italian meringue?

ten pounds of Macaron batter in 7 minutes
Mixing 10 pounds of French macaron batter

For our first batch, we used 4 KG (8.8 lbs) of the Angel Bake Single Step French Macaron Baking Mix along with 800 grams of 122 ºF water. Keeping with the instructions on the box, we started the Hobart at slow speed (setting one), ran for one minute and shifted to 2nd gear for 3.5 minutes. In no time, we had 10.5 lbs of batter. For our part, we watched the Hobart spin and took pictures.

With the help of our Bakon representative, we poured the batter into their Drop TT bin, called up the macaron program and lined up the trays. Ah, we did have to prime the pump by running in continuous mode for a few seconds. Once the nozzles were primed, we were ready to watch the show.

Depositing Macaron Shells
Drop TT at work

In no time we had five trays ready. The oven could only take four. So we stopped and off into a 280 ºF convection oven (fan speed was set to medium). With fingers crossed, we stared at the shells baking and watched as they slowly turned into perfect macarons! Here too, we didn’t drop the trays on the floor nor did we pop any air bubbles with toothpicks. We didn’t even wait for the shells to dry…

Foodservice French Macaron Bake
Baking French macarons 280 ºF. 15 minutes and medium fan speed

In half an hour, we had four trays done. With a larger oven, we could have done much more as we had more trays and batter in the Drop TT.

Having demonstrated success, we decided it was time to push the envelope. Could we whip up a monster 8KG batch? Why not try? Despite the Hobart suggesting max of 4KG, we went ahead and emptied two boxes of our Single Step Angel Bake French macaron mix into the mixer, 1600 grams of water and a pinch of the Angel Bake powdered food coloring for good luck.

20 lbs of macaron baking mix in Hobart mixer
20 lbs of Macaron mix ready to be mixed

You know the drill, mix at low speed for one minute and then medium for 3.5 minutes at medium speed. Below is a picture of the Hobart and as you can see the Hobart is full!

Mixing 20 lbs of French Macaron batter using Hobart and the Angel Bake French Macaron mix
Made 20 lbs of macaron batter in 10 mins

The ribbon lava like flow was heartwarming!

Macaron Batter Ribbon Flow
Checking the consistency of the macaron batter

Let the Drop TT perform its magic… This is really fun to watch. We’ll post videos soon.

Bakon tt with Angel Bake French Macaron Mix
Drop TT depositing 6 macaron shells every 1-2 seconds – exactly the same size!

And the results? No trouble.

High volume french macaron production
High vol. macaron production

Check to make sure macarons aren’t hollow…

Perfect Macarons
Macarons turned out perfect in every way!

In closing, we’d like to thank the folks at Bakon USA for giving us time to experiment with their Drop TT depositor. We managed to confirm that the Angel Bake Single Step French macaron mix is a perfect match for the Bakon Drop TT. We demonstrated that we were able to deliver consistent batter characteristics in a high volume setting, deposit thousands of shells in little time and bake perfect macarons. We are confident that you can achieve the same results in no time as well. We are here to help and get you started. We leave you with half day’s worth of work…

High volume french macaron production
In two hours we made hundreds of perfect shells
Crafting Perfect Macarons with Angel Bake

Crafting Perfect Macarons with Angel Bake

Crafting Perfect Macarons with Angel Bake

In the realm of exquisite patisseries, the macaron holds a revered place, symbolizing the finesse and artistry of the pastry chef. Whether modest or extravagant, fruity or chocolate-coated, macarons in their myriad colors and flavors encapsulate the essence of culinary elegance. They’re a testament to a chef’s skill due to their notorious difficulty in crafting but bring immense joy when perfected.

Historically, mastering the macaron was the domain of the seasoned pâtissier, but not anymore…

As America falls in love with this charming and delightful cookie, more and more customers are on a quest to find them. Saena Baking Company through our Angel Bake Single Step French Macaron Mix, enables chefs, caterers, and shop owners of every scale to perfect this high-demand dessert without the complications of traditional recipes. This exceptional product ensures a straightforward baking process, uniform results, impeccable appearance, and extraordinary quality, allowing you to effortlessly create macarons that lead the market while enabling you to infuse your signature look and flavors.

Elevate Your Business with Angel Bake

From the standpoint of business growth, presenting enchanting macarons not only sets you apart but also significantly boosts sales, emulating the success mantra of French patisseries. Imagine the customer response to an imposing macaron tower at weddings, parties, birthdays, corporate events, and during festive seasons! The investment in creating such a marvel is minimal compared to the substantial revenue and customer satisfaction it brings, creating a win-win scenario.

Break Down the Barriers with Angel Bake

Angel Bake products are designed to dismantle the typical hurdles encountered in baking this sought-after confection. We’re here to assist you in initiating your journey of offering delightful macarons, providing demos and samples to get you started!

A Note to Our Existing Patrons:

If macarons are already a staple on your menu, you comprehend the hidden challenges: unfortunate bakes, damage during transit, and the list goes on… We at Saena Baking Company vow to cut down your overall costs and hassles by minimizing failures and damages. The macarons made with our mix are resilient, not hollow, and maintain their integrity for months in the freezer and for several days in a display case.

Join the Angel Bake Revolution

Reduce your operational headaches and escalate your sales with Angel Bake! Our customer feedback speaks volumes—consumers absolutely adore macarons created with the Angel Bake Macaron Mix. Ready to elevate your baking game and delight your customers? Contact us at or visit our website to explore our range of products and services. Welcome to a world where baking macarons is a piece of cake!