Why use a mix to bake macarons?

Why use a mix to bake macarons?

You run a bakery and you know what you are doing. You have a perfect recipe, you’ve mastered the art and you’ve got the touch. Then why use a baking mix to bake French macarons? In this post, we’ll cover some of the reasons why you should safeguard your knowhow, cherish it and shift into using a reliable mix.

Why use a baking mix to bake French Mcarons

Has this ever happened to you? It has to us. More times than we’d like to recall. Frustration, second guessing, wasted time, wasted material, the mess and ensuing depression…

A recent customer of ours told us that he’d lived in France for ten years where he worked in a bakery famous for their macarons. After moving to the US, he joined a local bakery chain. The owners were excited, they had just added macarons to their menu! Macarons were made at a central kitchen, boxed, and distributed to stores. Unfortunately, he said, “our city’s weather isn’t conducive to making macarons. Our macarons were almost always hollow and had thin fragile shells. Many broke at the bakery, we lost some during delivery and more in the stores. I pulled the plug on it as we were losing money with all the waste..”.

Another customer was wondering if they still had to pop the air pockets with a tooth-pick, or sift the mix prior to mixing? When to add coloring and exactly what type? They used Italian meringue, and knew handling hot syrup was an accident waiting to happen….

Lets get to the point. Many successful bakeries use baking mixes for their pastries, cakes, doughnuts, breads and scones because baking mixes save time while providing a solid foundation. Their signature touch comes in choice of filling, flavoring, topping and decoration. Running a bakery is difficult as is, why make it even more so when you don’t have to? Make-from-scratch will almost always lead to product inconsistency, takes more time, relies on trained staff and as a result costs more. If profits are a concern, then you ought to reconsider your make-from-scratch approach. Not many pizza shops make their own dough because it isn’t cost effective to do so. Same concept applies to macarons.

Before losing your attention, we’d like to make a few claims: When using the Angel Bake Single Step Macaron Mix, your perfect macaron batter will be ready before you’d have chance to prep your ingredients (using any make-from-scratch technique). It will take 10 minutes to make a pound or twenty pounds of batter!!! Same process, no mess, no tips, and no tricks. And we are confident that macarons made with the Angel Bake mix will compare favorably to make-from-scratch macarons.

Want to give Angel bake a try? Contact us at info@Saenafoods.com.

BTW, You don’t have to pop any air bubbles, no sifting the almond meal, no need to mess with egg whites, no need to make hot syrup, no need to make meringue, and no fancy macaronage techniques! No waiting for the shells to dry before baking… In short, NO MORE BAD MACARON DAYS! Regardless of what city you live in…

And in closing, here are a few macarons we made a couple of days ago with the Angel Bake foodservice mix for our spring photo shoot.

Spring Macarons made with the Angel Bake Single Step French Macaron Mix.