Traditional Swiss Buttercream Macaron Filling Recipe

Traditional Swiss Buttercream Macaron Filling Recipe


This traditional Swiss buttercream filling recipe is vanilla flavored and cream in color.  It goes great with our French Macaron shells.  You can make half as much by dividing ingredients in half.  Buttercream can be refrigerated for several weeks or kept frozen for months.



1 cup Egg white (from 6 eggs), 180 grams
1 lb Room temperature butter
½ cup Granulated Sugar
1 TSP Vanilla extract or paste


Whisk egg whites and sugar over simmering water bath until the mixture reaches 110 F or is hot to touch. To avoid cooking the egg whites, keep stove temperature on medium and whisk briskly until batter is fluffy and reaches 110 degrees.

Using a stand mixer, whisk the mixture on high speed for 10 minutes until the egg white batter is fluffy and has cooled down.

Reduce speed to medium, add vanilla and ½ stick of butter at a time until all of the butter has been incorporated.

Change whisk to paddle and beat on high speed until cream is smooth and silky.

Once the buttercream is prepared, you can vary the color flavor profile by adding food coloring & food flavor of your choice.  Some combinations to experiment with include: Rose extract & Red food coloring; Lavender extract and purple food coloring; Lemon extract and yellow food coloring; Pumpkin spice and orange food coloring; coco powder and chocolate extract.  You can also mix in jams, curds, ganache, pistachio or hazelnut flour.


As you can see the traditional approach is complex, messy and tiresome.  Alternatively, you can just use our Swill Buttercream mix and focus on your preparation.  Please review this post to lean more.